On the 2nd of December I travelled to Nottingham to see one of my all-time favourite bands, Kasabian. Although I spent a lot of money buying alcohol both during the day and whilst on the actual night out, it was the hotel furniture which really stung my wallet.

Although the gig was not until the 3rd of December, myself and the rest of the lads thought that it would be a good idea to come up the day before so our restlessness from travelling would not interfere with our enjoyment of the gig and it would also give us chance to have a look around Nottingham during the day.

We arrived at our Hotel about 5 o'clock as we had to pick a friend up from Sheffield beforehand and on top of this the traffic was extremely bad.

After we had parked up and dragged our bags into the foyer the next step was to check in; the process was quick and simple. We were all anticipating what the room was going to be like; would there be enough space? What would the hotel furniture be like?

Is the bathroom big enough for all of us to use? – The usual. Everything was immaculate, but little did we know that it was going to be the reason behind our problem.

After leaving the room on the Friday to get something to eat and have a few pints, we later returned to the room only to mess it by playing silly drinking games and lying about.

A couple more lads had joined our room to be involved in the goings on which only added to the problem as there was just not enough space. The hotel furniture was ruined – there were pillows everywhere, spillages on bed sheets and even a broken lamp shade!

We were totally oblivious as to what we were getting ourselves into.

We left to go out on Saturday without tidying up the mess we had caused hoping that the cleaners would make an appearance – but they did not.

We came home after a couple of hours visiting Nottingham, after having had a couple of pints too, and then continued with our drinking games. This did not help our situation as the hotel furniture was getting even more damaged, especially as our common sense was becoming less and less.

We did not realise the extent of our behaviour until we were to check out in the morning, let just say the cost of the damage caused to the hotel furniture could have paid to the trip twice over!

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