Sofa is migrated old French word “couch” which means “to lie down” it is a piece of furniture fitted with springs, forms, and tailored cushion, the arm sets depend on the types and the model of the sofa it is partially and entirely fixed with its body, they are especially used as bench for sitting one or more people but it can be used for reclining and for napping. Sofas are normally found in guest room, living room, and family room, lounge sitting rooms some prefer to keep in antique while they are also found in hotels, commercial offices, and bars.

The types and the model of the sofas have changed from that previous era it has become a challenge for the designer sofa set manufacturers to compete for market along with the developed architectural point of view of designing a building, Industrial revolution have given a choice of materials to design and manufacture sofas, however most design are inspired from the olden days, modern days, we have number and types of safes, example law-son style sofa which can comprise separate pillows from a frame and create the softer larger cushion that isn't taught within the frame. The futon is a sofa/bed combo. Generally, the back of the sofa folds or releases downward to create a large, flat, cushioned sleeping surface.

Similar to the futon is the convertible sleeper couch, which is couch, made up of pieces that rearrange into a large flat sleeping surface. The mattress is comprised of the sofa's cushions.

Till date, modern homes usually consist of modern furniture sofas is a very important part where more than one person can sit together your guest can seat and relaxed ant it complete a center looks which can change the overall view of our home it can be a mattress and piece of relaxing at our home. This is a good piece of furniture those who have limited space at their home .the modern sofas are made with modern materials that soft smooth and crease and free and durable which worth buying

There is a lot of designer sofa set suppliers in the market which we can find in some b2b marketplace like beside we have e-commerce facility are also available for us. Most of them deal with the branded varieties of furniture most of them deals provides the branded varieties of furniture. That depend on you which to choose to make your home elegant and modern. India is already exporting furniture we have wide varieties of materials for making sofa sets, and some of them are designer sofa sets exporters

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