At present, China switch socket industry driven by a good momentum of macroeconomic development and the real estate industry is growing steadily showing vitality. The overall size of the market continues to expand, an endless stream of new brands and product series continuously improve. All the signs indicate: After the development of nearly 10 years, the switch socket industry has been completed from a pull switch to the wall rocker switch market cultivation. A market which has annual sales of over 40 billion Yuan has shown signs of embryonic form.

From the view of the market supply, the current market development shows a trend of polarization. The one hand, the TCL, geese, Simon, Lennon local vendors with strong strength efforts to narrow the gap with foreign competitors by the introduction of technology and the joint venture, and efforts to shape the image of the products with high quality and high prices. On the other hand, thousands of small and medium-sized manufacturers by means of cheap labor and raw material costs seize the market with low-priced products.

From the point of view of the market demand, accompanied by the development of the market, the product characteristics of consumer goods is becoming increasingly apparent. On the one hand, the consumer starting to focus on the product's look, feel, functionality in the time of purchase, change the habit of the past that listen by installation electrician make decisions. On the other hand, manufacturers cater to this trend in marketing as well, Decorative function and coordination with the ability of the product as the key to be publicity and promotion.

However, the product characteristics of household appliances switch socket decided that the one only be able to withstand a few years of use frequently, and can absolutely ensure the safe use of electricity in the process of using would meet the fundamental needs of consumers. This requires that products in raw material selection, structural design, and manufacturing processes must from the perspective of customer. The metal raw materials of switch socket must be resistant to fatigue, wear-resistant, rugged and durable parts bonding exquisite fine. Throughout the switches and sockets industry's market situation of domestic, on the one hand, the entire switch socket industry showing an encouraging trend, On the other hand, there are still many problems in the market environment, product design, and industry norms. It can be grouped into the following three aspects specifically:

First, the market concentration is low, manufacturers vary greatly, and shoddy products pass off the sham as the genuine. The industry manufacturers engaged in the production of switches and sockets estimated are not less than 1500. The presence of a large number of small workshop-style switch socket manufacturers not only greatly hindered the healthy development of the industry, and has seriously undermined the interests of consumers.

Second, the lack of effective industry oversight norms, arbitrary product design, and gray scale of production process is big. The majority of the existing standards and certification are not specially formulated products for switches and sockets, involved content limited to the life of the ordinary electrical products, electric shock, anti-aging, heat-resistant, flame retardant requirements. Manufacturers are substantially independent of supervision and regulation in product design and production process. Combined with there are no uniform standards and guidelines in the industry currently, it is leading to much opportunistic and grandstanding behavior breeding in the induction.

Third, within the industry vendors should strengthen the self-regulation of business activities, to avoid misleading the consumer behavior. The country was once reduced production license issuing. Although the introduction of the policy promote the development of the switch socket industries in China, the supervision of the national production of such products also decline and also increased the difficulty of the norms vendors operating activities.

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