Stencil Genie


The ingenious Stencil Genie is a MUST have for all cookie decorators! Simply sandwich your stencil between the two magnetic frames and place on top of your cookie (or other artisanal creations such as chocolate covered Oreos or chocolate lollipop with a flat surface). The Stencil Genie has two frames that are two different depths that allow for versatility with cookies and confections of different thicknesses. To determine which depth works best for your cookie secure your stencil in the Stencil Genie and lay it down onto the surface of your cookie. Your stencil should lay nice and flush atop your cookie and if there is a space between your cookie simply flip the Stencil Genie over to the revers side. You can use your Stencil Genie to Airbrush your cookies or to apply Royal Icing.

The Stencil Genie is NOT dishwasher safe. Please do not soak or submerge in water or expose it to harsh detergents or heat. Simply wipe clean with a damp clothe or paper towel to wipe clean and your all set!

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