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Create the shade you desire

If you want a darker color, use less water or for a lighter color add more water to the color powder. Count drips or weigh product and water to duplicate color strength or replicate shade.  All TruColor™ Food Color Paint and Airbrush Color have been pH adjusted so there is no need to manipulate them with an acid (lemon juice) or base (baking soda). However, you can experiment to create unique colors!

Mixing and using  TruColor™ Natural Food Color Paint

When completely dissolved, the airbrush color powder makes a very light syrup, just thicker than water but not too thick that it won’t pour or clog your airbrush gun. It will cover nicely when sprayed.

Mixing for Airbrush Usage

(2:1 RATIO) ½ water and or alcohol to ¼ powder for shine colors Use less water for darker shade.

Simply dissolve with water for best results for most TruColor™ shades. TruColor™ yellow is color derived from Turmeric and will spray and paint well with just alcohol.  Most TruColor™ powders require water to activate the water-soluble dehydrated plant color they are made with. TruColor “Shine” is not a “luster dust” and requires water to “hydrate and decorate”.  In most cases only water will “activate” the color powder into a color liquid used to paint on the surface of most dry food products. Most colors are not alcohol soluble. You can add alcohol to the mixture after first adding a small amount of water if you want the color to dry faster or you are in a very humid environment.

TruColor™ Unprecedented Natural Color

TruColor™ Natural Food Colors are made from fruits, vegetables, seeds, roots and minerals.  These amazing colors are derived from nature and they are unprecedented in hue and brilliance.  Natural Food Color Paint works very well on almost any food surface, including icing, gumpaste and fondant that have been given time to set/dry or form a dry crust.

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